Welcome to my blog!

My name is Kariuki Mugo. 

In my mother’s language, Kariuki means the rebirthed one. It is usually given to a child by a mother who just lost the one before.  That is precisely what happened in my case.

Surprisingly, one can be given a name, and their life becomes it! All through, I have undergone a series of remarkable cycles akin to being reborn. They are usually interesting ones starting with a not so good high and terminating on a moderate low. 

The last ended not so long ago. It was an internal turmoil amidst a good life. Ending it got me thinking that my life required a deliberate, more in-depth search.

I started brief journaling and eventually writing stories of things lying hidden in my heart. This practice increased my level of self-awareness and opened my heart to many things that I could never construct in my mind nor deal with before. 

Looking and listening around for a while, I realized that my experiences were worth sharing. 

After all, if the secret is out of the heart, its message does not belong there anymore.

It belongs to the world.