My name is Kariuki Mugo. In my mother’s language, Kariuki means the rebirthed one. It is usually given to a child by a mother who lost the one before. That is what happened in my case.

Surprisingly, one can be given a name, and their life becomes it! All through, I have undergone a series of remarkable cycles akin to being reborn. They are usually interesting ones starting with a not so good high and terminating on a moderate low. 

The last ended not so long ago. It was an internal turmoil amidst a good life. Ending it got me thinking that my life required a deliberate, more in-depth search.

I started brief journaling and eventually writing stories of things lying hidden in my heart. It brought out many secrets buried in my subconscious mind. This practice increased my level of self-awareness, opening my heart to many things that I could never mentally construct nor deal with before. Bringing back my long lost genius.

Looking and listening around for a while, I realized that my experiences were worth sharing. 

After all, if the secret is out of the heart, its message does not belong there anymore. It belongs to the world.

My Mission

For years, I lived below my potential as a result of inherited fear and childhood trauma. Growing older and learning brought me some new perspectives. Painful moments helped me make great strides in discovering who I truly am.

But life experiences and knowledge alone are not enough. My new dimensions were only revealed after gaining the courage to deeply reflect,  face fears and take steps to change the course of my life. A life that was marked by inherited self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours.

My learned opinion is that without one knowing themselves truly, it is impossible to exploit their inherent potential. Without which one cannot achieve their ultimate life goals.

Thus, the beginning of an amazing journey towards incredible life achievement and aspirational fulfilment starts with self-discovery.

If one starts to know who they truly are, then they begin to see who they should become. Knowing thyself, therefore triggers an incredible positive change process. 

If not, one remains anything that the world around them has made them believe they should be. In the end, it is emptiness, pain and lots of regrets. Regardless of whatever one may achieve.

The stories and other content here is all about self-discovery and transformative personal change. A challenge for everyone to fully become.

My Change Philosophy

My change philosophy is hinged on five fundamental principles.

Change is a process, not an event.

A desired change that has expectations of instant results is always a big failure and frustration in the end. Real transformation is a journey of consistency—countless small steps in the right direction. 

Change is spiral, not linear.

Being at the bottom is scary. Any climb appears insurmountable. The mind only wants one thing – conceding defeat. Taking initial steps makes possibilities of scaling higher apparent. Gaining the courage to move, one step at a time, leads to higher ground. In the end, the journey will be worth it.

Change is a snowball, not a leather ball.

Change is not a process of kicking things around life in different directions—the common practice of shifting things from here to there, now and then. Real change is about looking at things from a vantage point and starting to build a fresh new way of life in a small way. Thoughts and behaviours which sustained and nurtured over time, eventually unleashes tremendous momentum and unlimited growth opportunities.

Change can be preconceived, not necessarily accidental

For ordinary folks, change is predominantly accidental. Forced into circumstances beyond their control is the only cause of personal transformation. And this is preserved for the majority. Those who can never read or see the future. If only they choose not to wait for pain and suffering to lead the way, they can turn things around for the better, at their terms and time.

Change is visualized before it is manifested

To become phenomenal, one has to design their destiny mentally. They have to visualize their changed state. And when planned and persistently executed, it slowly begins to manifest. This is how man designs his destiny. 

Why I Write Stories

I write stories to trigger deep reflections, depose generational beliefs and challenge superficial perceptions. All geared towards sparking self-discovery contemplations and unlocking the unlimited human potential that is within each one of us. And eventually, inspire positive transformation of our society.

My stories, therefore, are not a life history. They are a narration of simple life experiences that have occasioned an introspection into my past, and provided a new perspective into my future.

Their intention is not to merely entertain, but to build a community of introspective, high-potential change-makers at all life stages. A family of people who lead an extraordinary existence. 

People who, through thoughtful reflections and small acts of courage, overcome self-limiting beliefs, find creativity and enjoy a life of holistic wellness.