5 Ways To Stay Focused And Productive Everyday

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Every day the sun rises is a new and precious window of opportunity. Our lives become how we utilize this slight, unnoticeable chance. 

Setting your big, unimaginable goals is the best way to foresee a successful life. Breaking the goals into small, everyday actions makes achieving the big dream possible. This plan sets the direction to spend your days doing small, right actions that, eventually, make your big dreams a reality. Seizing the day, every day, is what builds an extraordinary life over time.

Here are five daily practices that will make you avoid distraction and procrastination and help you build a system of long-term productivity and success.

1. Start Grounded

We have all heard of a morning routine. It may never make sense, but unknowingly, we all have one. The difference is that a conscious routine helps start the day with a productive construct, while the unthought one mainly instils a set of comfortable, self-sabotaging habits. A structured morning routine is a set of conscious actions that help one prepare for the day ahead, no matter what it brings. It is the standard drill to organize thoughts and actions towards doing what matters most for the day. Avoid toxic and unproductive indulgences like social media, watching the news and lazing. Be among the few wise people who step into the day with a solid intention to make the most out of it. Set up a short series of healthy and inspirational activities like prayer, meditation, affirmation, reading, gratitude, journaling, breathwork, yoga, or any light physical movement. These morning practices will eventually become your treasured habits and the foundation for your daily and lifetime productivity.

2. Start Organized

Knowing what is most important to do, is more important than doing what is assumed to be most important. We are likelier to waste our day working hard to do things that amount to little or nothing. Lack of a day’s priority list means there is no clarity on the small things that, once done, will compound into big things. It means there is a lack of awareness of what must be done. And what should not be done. Begin the day by reminding yourself of your vision and future aspirations and commit yourself to spending the day to achieve them. Decide on the two or three things that will make your day successful once achieved. Allocate a personal reflection window to plan for the day soon after waking up. A morning brings out fresh perspectives that may not have been available before. Reflect on the plans you may have made previously and see if you need to make any adjustments or improvements. With a clear plan and dedication, nothing can stand in your way for the rest of the day.

3. Eat the Frog

Life becomes easier when we do the hard things. Eating The Frog is a productivity phrase that refers to starting the day by tackling the most complicated or most tedious task. Start with the most challenging and progressive priority to maximise your day’s productivity. The morning quietude, energy and clarity are best for doing what requires the highest concentration. By diving into the most challenging task of the day, you allocate your most productive energy to the one thing that matters most. It offers the opportunity to knock down the bigger things earlier in the day, making you feel accomplished, happy and capable of doing more for the rest of the day. Or even giving you the space to while away and enjoy easier things for the rest of the day. It will save you the stress of avoidance and procrastination. And reduce your chances of indulging in destructive, escapist behaviours.

4. Stay Woke

We live in a world that is constantly interrupting and consistently distracting. We never run short of useless things to keep us busy. Constant communication, depressing news, fearmongering, and endless entertainment are plenty. We live and work in places filled with people with polished skills and good reasons to scare, overload or distract others. Having a solid start to the day helps, but what is equally important is making the right productivity decisions throughout the day. Pay attention and say no to most distractive offers and requests to avoid unproductive and stressful busyness. The ability to accept or decline invitations to commit your time to hopeless causes is what keeps you focused on your goals. Accepting what is valuable and a priority in the direction of your dreams should be the practice of every moment. Avoid saying yes to unimportant things, which means saying no to what truly matters. And if your priorities shift due to emerging and unforeseen opportunities, be wise and flexible enough to make necessary changes.

5. Keep Regenerating

The more energy you possess, the longer you will push the limits of your day. We tend to spend all our energy whenever we feel the flow. However, too much attention leads to exhaustion and a decline in creativity. There are three main ways to keep yourself energized and focused for longer. First is the everyday wellness practice of eating, hydrating, moving, and sleeping well. Taking good care of your health keeps you physically strong and mentally sharp. Second, try to shut out all distractions, like keeping your phone away or working in closed spaces, to avoid physical interruptions. Third is consciously oscillating between deep focus and relaxation intervals. Even when you feel in the mood to push with a task further, take scheduled, reasonable breaks in between. Zoning out will help you avoid sinking into high-stress levels or boredom. It also allows you to mentally recover, recharge, and open the subconscious space that brings new and improved ideas.

Every second, every minute and every hour of our day is a new window of opportunity that will never be reopened. Remembering that time is our most critical and non-renewable resource is vital. And how we spend the tiniest elements of our time determines how much we achieve in the long run.

Carpe Diem. Carpe Noctem. Carpe Vitam!